Can Mercedes Fight Back In Jeddah? – F1 2023 Saudi Arabian GP Preview

Do Mercedes need to completely change their car, or is it a case of developing more and crossing its fingers? Leading into the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, Matt Kew joins Martyn Lee to discuss Mercedes" hopes in Jeddah, Ferrari"s chance to utilise Jeddah"s characteristics to fight back, and what Red Bull and Aston really feel like after the Bahrain GP"s success. 0:00 Mercedes"s Next Steps 3:26 Should Merc Change Concept? 6:56 Ferrari"s Issues 9:55 Updating for Jeddah 12:48 Red Bull Set To Win Again? 14:52 Top Stories for Saudi 16:29 Driver Boycott: 1 Year On 17:51 What To Look For…


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