Sauber”s Next Step Towards Audi – Stake F1 C44 Unveiled


Sauber takes the next step in it"s transition from Alfa Romeo into Audi, by unveiling the Stake F1"s C44 car! Well, as is expected, 3D renders, but close enough. Including luminescent green visuals aside the bare carbon livery, matching Kicks branding scheme, it"s certainly a bold look. Bryn Lucas chats with Matt Kew and Jake Boxall-Legge to discuss the transitioning team, the futures of their driver lineup and more. 0:00 Intro 01:00 Stake Launch event 02:16 Livery thoughts 05:56 Car Design 08:09 Driver Lineup 2024 10:17 Bottas Mercedes return? 11:39 Team"s goals for 2024 13:26 Long terms aims 17:10 Livery…

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